Where does love live?

Does love live inside another person?

If you have love in your life is it because a special someone has gone inside themselves and pulled out some of their limited love to share with you?

Many of us think that way.

We think that love is inside another.

We think we are lucky if a special someone gives us some of their love. That way we have more love. Yeah! More love, better!

We act as if love is like water in a glass. We need it. We’re thirsty. We hope someone will give us some of their love. In return for that gift (or in advance of that gift), we too will share our love with the other. Together we have TWO glasses of water! Yeah, us!

How lucky, we think, if we happen to want to share some love from our water glass with someone who wants to share love from their water glass with us!

(So little to share, be careful!)

(So hopeful you will give me what you got! I need love, a lot of love!)

And when they stop sharing …oh no!!! How will we live?!

But what if love does NOT live inside us?

And what if it isn’t inside another person?

What if love is a river that we can jump into any time we want?

What if the phrase “falling in love” is COMPLETELY accurate …as if we’ve fallen into something outside us …like into a river (of love)?

What if the abundance that we feel when we fall in love isn’t because the other has SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE …what if it’s because we’re both IN a RIVER of LOVE that is outside of us?

What if the expansiveness we feel when we are in love with someone is because we are floating right next to each other in a river of love, so hanging onto and hoarding our teeny tiny water glass for water seems downright silly?

What if love is always available, always present, always existing, BUT OUTSIDE of all of us?

What if the lack of love has NOTHING to do with other people not sharing their love with us and EVERYTHING to do with geography?

What if feeling unloved only means we’re in the wrong place?

What if it means we’ve climbed out of the river of love, made our way to a desert, and we’re miserable because all we can imagine is that there’s only the teeny tiny amount of love we can carry in a water glass to go around for all of us?

If there’s too little love in your life, maybe it means that it’s time to move towards the river.

Come on in. The water’s nice… …and there are plenty of us floating in it.