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Story Formula is our signature, year-long journey to new narratives that ignite and undergird transformation in your health, relationships, money, and impact.

"When you change your story
you change your life."


Introducing Story Formula

Get ready. This is going to be your year. Story Formula is our signature year-long experience THAT will help you shift problematic narratives to healthy narratives to experience breakthrough change in your relationships, health, income, and impact.

First things first: what's "narrative"?

Narrative is the core concept in all our work. It's the continual interior conversation that goes on in human beings...that voice inside your head. When it's problematic, it's called many things: negative mindset, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, head trash, low self-confidence, negative indoctrinations, and the ego to name a few. When it's good, it's described as flow, connection, truth, impact, fun, wholeness, abundance, and love.

The thing about humans?
We naturally want "more."

It's natural to crave more: more peacefulness. More strength. More connection. More cash. More knowledge. More ease. More sex. More clarity. More fun. More friendships. More travel. More security. More serenity. More joy. More love.

The problem is NOT that people want more.

The problem is that most do not know how to navigate that the “MORE’ journey. They need a map.

The Story Formula methodology is represented by a framework we created called The More Map – and a sequence and principle we call living "above or below the line." 

The More Map helps with what, how, and when. When people live below the line, they often have a sense of unfulfilled longing, powerlessness, and frustration. Living above the line is when you're in the flow in three areas of life that provide the most reward. 

Why we created Story Formula

We designed Story Formula for people who want to go deep into their own brainology to ignite even bigger transformation in their relationships, health, income, and impact.

Because our hearts break when we see people working so hard to make positive changes in their lives...only to find themselves back at square one because of problematic internal narratives.

In other words, they make positive change, but that change is temporary.

And that makes them wonder if it's because they used the wrong strategy. Or maybe, they think, it's a character issue. They start feeling that a lovely life is something other people get. Other special people, talented people, supported people, rich people, pretty people, people who are loved.

We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

Story Formula is a year-long journey designed to take a full 360-view of your life in the areas of health, relationships, money, and impact. Every three months we'll take a deep dive into one of these areas to give you the sequence you need to adopt a new story. The kind that changes your life and legacy.


Let's get you above the line

We kick off the year with a focus on your health to develop and morning and evening routine that will ensure your brain and body are optimally supported for the narrative shifts to come. Bonus – you'll sleep better than you have in years. 


Improve every relationship in your life

Become aware of the internal narratives that keep you in relationship slumps and discover new narratives that have saved marriages, reunited families, and sparked new careers.


Look your finances right in the eyeballs...and like what you see

We'll equip you with experimentation sequences, journaling tools and narrative shifts to change your relationship with success and finances in a way that connects the seeking and spending of money with your spiritual strivings.

Here's what's included in Story Formula

This is a your chance to work directly with narrative experts alongside other very cool people who want to be happy and make an impact in this world. Here's what you get:

"Living on Purpose" welcome workshop

Get a jump start on your new narrative with journaling tips and tricks, materials, and a structure that will take your journey to the next level. 

The 8-step Framework

Our signature 8-Step Framework creates desired enduring change so you won’t waste time on extra steps nor inadequately structured frameworks.

Narrative shifting seminars

Get expert guidance live on weekly 90-minute Zoom calls with Dr. Julie Helmrich and other Story Coaches that include scientific content, journaling, dialogue in small groups, and Q&A.

Implementation work-alongs

 Hop on these hopping 90-minute calls to get all your questions answered (a total of 10 throughout the year) to help you work through obstacles and implement your new narrative.

Weekly journaling prompts

Our weekly newsletter includes thought-provoking journaling prompts help you keep the narrative-shifting momentum going. 

A private community

Connect with other cool people and our amazing coaches 24/7 in our private Facebook group and on our Zoom calls. Some serious friendships are made here. 

What people say about Story Formula

In Story Formula, you'll discover impactful yet pragmatic new techniques to make simple shifts in your narrative that will deepen your capacity for compassion and love (for other people, but more importantly for you), and competency to do the work. People leave the experience feeling in love with life and full of possibility.

"Julie gives us the tools to reimagine a better life and work towards it in a way that's generous."

– Julie Duffy
Pennsylvania by way of Scotland

"Julie skillfully walks us through the strategic peeling of life's onion to put us at our highest state."

– Barry Friedman

"Changing the stories inside your head is pivotal. There's a lot of leverage with every story you change."

– Carolyn Lincoln

"The ripples are massive, absolutely massive. There's not a part of your life that this won't touch."


"By learning the skill set of changing my narrative, I have lost 35 pounds, and my income has tripled."


– paul pruitt

Story Formula is the ideal program for you if:

  • You want real, permanent change in your life: to lose weight and keep it off, to build a business and keep it growing, to take on health issues and fix them, to have a first-class marriage, and balance relationship demands with achievement demands. Once and for all.
  • You can commit to a year-long program with straightforward and sometimes challenging work alongside other like-minded people. 
  • You want a clear path to happiness, with no B.S. sequences and proven tactics to follow that actually work.
  • You want to feel that the world is good, safe, and interesting.
  • You want to sleep better than you have in years.
  • You're geeky about brain science and love to learn new concepts.
  • You want to gain wisdom and inner authority in addition to knowledge.
  • You want to rewrite your story and create a new future full of possibility and purpose.

About the Story Formula creators.

Dr. Julie Helmrich and Lisa Brierton created Story Formula to help people finally and completely get on the path to true positive change. And it's not a matter of working harder, investing in years of therapy, or trying the latest and greatest mindset trend. 

Your ability to achieve lasting, permanent change comes down to the story you tell yourself. And if you're like our other clients, chances are your current story is holding you back. 

With Story Formula, you'll get the complete foundation to understand the power of your narrative, and clear, pragmatic ways to change it so you can live the life you thought you'd be living by now.




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