Change your story, change your life.

An immersive three-day experience to shift your problematic narratives and strengthen the healthy ones.

"You cannot shape a new future
without telling a new story."


Welcome to Story Camp

Our 3-day live, immersive, virtual event will help you shift problematic narratives that are taking you where you don't want to go to create and strengthen healthy narratives so you can get better health, wealth and relationships.

First things first: what's "narrative"?

It's the continual interior conversation that goes on in human beings. When it's problematic it's called many things: negative mindset, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, head trash, low self-confidence, negative indoctrinations, and the ego to name a few. When it's good, it's described as flow, inspiration, connection, truth, clarity, compassion, and love. 

Why we created Story Camp

We created Story Camp because it breaks our hearts to see people working so hard to make positive changes in their lives...only to find themselves back at square one because of problematic internal narratives. In other words, they make changes but the changes are temporary. They wonder if it's because the wrong strategy is in place or if it's a character issue. They start to get the feeling that a lovely life is what other people get – other special people, talented people, supported people, rich people, pretty people, people who are loved.

We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. 

Where you are in life is largely a result of the stories you tell yourself. In Story Camp, we show you a clear (and proven) path to create a new narrative to lead to you to unimagined possibilities.

day one

Get to know your beautiful brain

Understand your own brainology and the power of your internal narrative and discover best practices to shift problematic internal narratives that take you to places you don't want to be – and create and strengthen narratives that will put you on and keep you on the right trajectory.

day two

Get the 8-step framework to permanent change

Create desired enduring change so you won’t waste time on extra steps nor inadequately structured frameworks. Address internal narratives that slow personal development and learn new narratives that will strengthen relationships, lead to better health, and clean up your relationship with money. Once and for all.


Keep what you've learned

We'll equip you with experimentation, journaling tools and dialogue shifts so what you've learned in Story Camp becomes your new way of being. 


An amazing community

Turns out we're pretty good at creating a warm, supportive, and close communities. At Story Camp, you'll meet others who have used narrative to navigate and maintain desired change – they'll share how they did it so that you can see a variety of narrative methods at work. Chances are, you'll end Story Camp with a few new friends. 

The core of Story Camp:
Are you above the line or below the line?

Story Camp is based on a methodology we created that we call "The More Map." It's based on a principle of what we call living "above or below the line". Living below the line is when we feel that sense of unfulfilled longing, powerlessness, and frustration and as a result, engage in survivalism or escapism (often both). Living above the line is when you're in the flow in three areas of life that provide the most reward: 


This is about “BEING.”  It’s the world of “love.” 

Once you’re “above the line” the next thing that will keep you awake are your most important relationships. 

Are the kids okay? Will the marriage stand the test of time? Can things get better with my parents? With my siblings? Narrative shifting around relatedness is the place to begin.


This is about “DOING.” It’s the world of “contribution."

When things are solid in your relationship life you will naturally want your life in the marketplace to be better. Generally, problematic narratives in the area of competence are connected to “worth.” 

Am I worth it? Am I entitled to more pay? Can I charge more? Can I create a business that in “on-purpose” and profitable.

Narrative shifting around worth as it relates to money is the place to begin.

Make a Mark

This is about “LEGACY.” It's the world of "purposefulness."

Human beings have a built in need to make a difference.  Even when people are healthy, have a good home life and money in the bank they are often haunted by the question, ‘Is this all there is?”

It seems like their life as is should be “enough.” In fact, the need to make a unique contribution, to leave a legacy is built into us.

A legacy narrative that keeps you “on-purpose” is the place to begin.

What people say about Story Camp

It's amazing what three days in a cool and supportive community can do! You'll discover impactful yet pragmatic new techniques to make simple shifts in your narrative that will deepen your capacity for compassion and love (for other people, but more importantly for you), and competency to do the work. People leave the event feeling in love with life and full of possibility.

I have the best life and can give back even more.

I do feel like I'm someone who has more to give, but my narrative made me feel ungrateful for wanting more. In Story Camp, I could reimagine another life in a way that is more generous. This is a path that will get me to a place where I have the best life and can give back even more.



Julie so skillfully walks us through the strategic peeling of life's onion.

She helped my wife and I parse out the useful and expired fragments of our stories and
rewrite a narrative that put us at our highest state of power, achievement, comfort, love and connection that didn't end after we opened that door.


I made $102,000 extra in a single calendar year.

My family was needing keep our house cash. I was able to rewrite my old stories that were limiting my business and earn the good money I knew I could earn that brought in $96,000 I needed to hit my goal for the year and add an additional $102,000 to that.


Wondering if Story Camp is right for you? It is if:

  • You want to start to create real change in your life: to lose weight and keep it off, to build a business and keep it growing, to take on health issues and fix them, to have a first-class marriage, and balance relationship demands with achievement demands.
  • You want a clear path to happiness, with sequences that work and proven tactics to follow.
  • You want to feel that the world is good, safe, and interesting.
  • You want to sleep well. Every single night.
  • You're geeky about brain science and love to learn new concepts.
  • You want to rewrite your story and create a new future full of possibility and purpose.

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About the Story Camp creators.

Dr. Julie Helmrich and Lisa Brierton created Story Camp to help people finally and completely get on the path to true positive change. And it's not a matter of working harder, investing in years of therapy, or trying the latest and greatest mindset trend. 

Your ability to achieve lasting, permanent change comes down to the story you tell yourself. And if you're like our other clients, chances are your current story is holding you back. 

With Story Camp, you'll get the complete foundation to understand the power of your narrative, and clear, pragmatic ways to change it so you can live the life you thought you'd be living by now. 

Historically, Story Camp has been a high-end in-person event reserved for members of our exclusive masterminds. In 2020, we experimented with a virtual Story Camp event for the mastermind members and they gave it rave reviews.

Because of feedback (and improvements in technology), we can now offer Story Camp to provide this life-changing event to even more people at a super-affordable rate.





The Story Camp schedule

Fire up your laptop, grab a cuppa, a pen, and a journal because your life is about to change at Story Camp. Here's what you need to know:


November 11, 12 & 13, 2022


Friday & Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm-ish CT
Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm-ish CT
Lunch and dinner breaks happen


  • Thursday evening: a virtual "meet and greet". 
  • Friday: evening an after-hours VIP Q&A session on Friday.
  • Saturday evening: Laser coaching after our dinner break.
  • A commemorative notebook that is also very cool
  • Other surprises that are guaranteed to delight you

Story Camp is delivered through Zoom with breakout rooms for small group discussions. 

Story Camp is a full weekend and is NOT recorded, so prepare to attend live.

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Enroll in Story Camp

Eliminate your limiting, problematic narratives and strengthen the healthy ones that propel your life forward with better health, wealth, and relationships. 


Story Camp is a full weekend and is NOT recorded, so prepare to attend live.
Registration includes downloadable materials that are designed to help you get the most benefit out of the weekend. 


Early bird

Save $100 when you enroll in Story Camp on or before November 8, 2022. 


What's included

  • Three days of amazing learning around how to change your narrative
  • The methodology to create real, meaningful, and permanent change in your life
  • Expert advice and laser coaching
  • Beautiful downloadable materials to make the most out of the event

VIP Upgrade

Upgrade to VIP and get exclusive access to after-hours events and swag.


What's included

  • Everything in our regular registration, PLUS:
  • A commemorative and very cool notebook
  • An exclusive meet & greet Thursday evening
  • Private VIP Q&A sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings
  • Laser coaching on Saturday evening
  • Other surprises that are guaranteed to delight you

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