Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion title=”What do you charge?”]
We offer a SIGNIFICANT SAME-DAY-PAY INCENTIVE. If you pay for your session by 11:59p on the same day as your meeting, you will receive a discount of $75 for your meeting.  The same-day-pay fees are $125  for individual meetings and $175 for couples meetings. Regular fees are $200 for individual meeting and $250 for couples meeting.
[accordion title=”Do you take my insurance?”]
We are not currently in any insurance networks.
[accordion title=”What kind of clients do you take?”]
Primarily couples
[accordion title=”When are appointments available?”]
Most of our appointments are Monday through Friday, afternoons into the evening, usually between 1 pm – 7:30pm. Saturday mornings are an option at times. We will do our best to accommodate any special scheduling needs you might have.
[accordion title=”How do I make an appointment?”]
Call our office at 414-774-2040.
Or use the online scheduler.
[accordion title=”How frequent and how long will my appointments be?”]
Your first appointment, called an intake session, will be 90 minutes long. Usually by the end of this session we can agree upon what counseling will look like for you. If you have questions about your specific situation, please do not hesitate to call. Dr. Helmrich is happy to talk over your specifics.
[accordion title=”When do I make a payment?”]
Many clients opt for the SAME-DAY-PAY INCENTIVE and pay either in person on the day of their meeting or online by 11:59p of that same day. Doing so saves you $75/meeting.  We expect that you will pay a minimum of $100/month towards any balance that you have. We cannot carry a total balance of over $1000 for anyone and we respectfully request that if your total bill reaches that level that you choose a more standard way of financing your balance (e.g. credit card or other lender).