Many think I sit in my office listening to people with problems and they feel a little sorry for me. “How can you listen to people’s problems all day?!”

Closer to the truth: I sit in my office being with people with broken hearts.

They loved. They weren’t loved back.

The reason? They believe, wrongly, because they weren’t lovable.

I sit. I listen. Always I am struck with the depth of their humanity towards the person who left.

Always I think that soon they will begin to love the other less.

Almost always I’m wrong.

They love the other long after, it seems, the other has forgotten them.

Usually it’s 2 years before they can turn their attention to others.

To themselves, they feel pathetic. To me they’re heroic.

Broken. Each day they get up, go forward, do good.

They keep the faith.

I don’t need any sympathy. I’m honored to be among the remarkables…

…those who continue to love even, and especially, when broken.