About Dr. Julie Helmrich

Dr. Julie Helmrich want to know your story...the story you've been telling yourself, probably for years. 

Mainly, she wants to help you replace the problematic narratives that take you places you don't want to go with strong and healthy narratives that undergird transformation in our lives so you have more:

More peacefulness. More strength. More connection. More cash. More knowledge. More ease. More sex. More clarity. More fun. More friendships. More travel. More security. More serenity. More joy. More love.

She also wants you to believe that the world is a good, safe, and interesting place to be. 

Julie's been practicing psychology since 1980 with a passion for understanding the science behind our relationships with our own minds, our bodies, our finances, our work, and to our lovers, kids, friends, and co-workers. Her approach encompasses some serious pragmatism that comes from growing up on a working Iowa farm with nine siblings and setting up a successful practice in Milwaukee. She has a real gift for delivering truth with real tenderness. 

Throughout the year, she offers workshops, courses, and masterminds all focused on shifting your narrative to live the life you thought you'd be living by now. You can check them out right here.

If you're lucky enough to be in Milwaukee, you can meet her in person at her popular Shrink 'N Drink events at a local saloon. It's a perfect mix of talk show, classroom lecture, and bar chatter with lots of humor along with put-into-practice-right-away answers to the anonymous questions submitted by anyone present. Get on the list to know when the next is scheduled.

Every so often, she puts together short videos all about narrative that are binge-worthy and impactful. Check out a few here.

So, stay awhile. Click around.Whatever it is that brought you here, it is her deepest hope that you find something of use to you, right now, today.

About Lisa Brierton

Lisa doesn't like a lot of attention. So we'll keep this short and sweet. 

Lisa's background is in psychology and she co-leads all of the narrative courses and coaching programs with Julie. She loves to work behind the scenes, making things happen. 

She's the ultimate connector, a skilled and compassionate listener who has a knack for matching people in small groups (just ask anyone who's been in one of her breakout rooms). 

She also does Iron Man races, makes a mean morning smoothie, loves to dance at parties, and makes people feel seen.