Your story is your superpower.

Courses, community, and coaching for people who want to finally, truly, and completely get their entire life together.

Revising your internal story is where the real magic happens.

It's the act of creating a new narrative that moves us to unimagined possibilities.

Because when you change your story, you change your life.

So...what’s your "story"?

Your “story” is your internal narrative.

All humans have internal narratives that undergird their behaviors. 

To change your life you have to change your behavior. 

Enduring behavior change, though, requires changing the internal narrative that undergirds the behavior. 

Your current life consists of the stories you've been telling yourself (perhaps for years). Our programs help you shift your narrative, so that the kind of transformations that you seek for your spirit, your body, your mind, your heart, your relationships, your career/business, and your legacy can happen.

If you're concerned that you're not leaving the mark you'd like to leave, then you need a narrative shift. That's what we do here.

OUR SIGNATURE YEAR-LONG PROGRAM begins january 2, 2023

Story Formula

If you're not living the life you'd thought you'd be living by now, you might have to improve one or more of these three areas and "get above the line" with respect to your health, quality relationships, and your career. Story Formulators use our "More Map" framework to sequentially shift their internal narratives and make significant progress in all of those areas.  We are going for enduring change because we are not in the business of quick fixes. If that sounds good to you, click below to join us:


The Relationship Lab

A mini-course to help you change your narrative around committed relationships.  Surprisingly, you can change the quality of your marriage without the participation of your partner because narrative shifts in one partner creates permanent positive changes in a marriage.

January 1, 2023

Story Camp Live 2023

Wondering where to start with your internal narrative work? Right here. Discover how to change your life by changing your  narrative in this powerful live one-day virtual event .

Meet your narrative navigators.

Dr. Julie Helmrich and Lisa Brierton partnered in 1996 and eventually founded IronPsych as a vehicle to deliver "Story" courses, coaching programs, and community so their clients can invest in their psychological fitness. All offers are meant to help people finally and completely get on the path to true positive change. 

And it's not a matter of working harder, investing in years of therapy, or trying the latest and greatest mindset trend. 

Your ability to change comes down to the story you tell yourself about yourself. And if you're like our other clients, chances are your current story is holding you back. 

Well, they're on a mission to change all that.



What people say about working with Julie & Lisa

Here are just a few people who've discovered impactful yet pragmatic new techniques to make simple shifts in their narrative that will deepens their capacity for compassion and feeling in love with life and full of possibility.

I have the best life and can give back even more.



Julie so skillfully walks us through the strategic peeling of life's onion.


I made $102,000 extra in a single calendar year.