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Webinars and videos on membership sites are solutions that provide almost total anonymity. The idea is that you should be able to grow yourself, learn the skills and strategies that will help you with your personal and marriage development goals, without ever having to tell anyone what you are doing it or why you’re doing it. This type of solution also really helps those who would like to do deep study of significant content.


Online isn’t everyone’s thing. Some of us would rather learn content in situations that are structured like traditional classrooms. In these solutions there is no need to reveal private information but participants still have opportunities to ask questions and make comments in real time. Also, these solutions also allow people to interact with other like-minded souls and help provide a stronger sense of community.


Much of traditional counseling and consultation is set up to happen face-to-face, behind closed doors. Truly this is the preferred route for many. Some face complex situations that need great expertise, expertise that goes beyond the typical solutions that generally work. Some want the kind of intense support to get necessary changes faster. Some just prefer this kind of privacy.

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Have only missed one Shrink and Drink since it started. I never tire of hearing Julie’s funny responses accompanied by sound science in her more serious response. If I had to choose her best attribute for this position, I would say it is her great perspective on finding a wide range of solutions to problems that I wouldn’t even have considered. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was to …

Jane Rasmussen

Dr. Helmrich has an uncanny ability to deliver thoughtful, practical answers and advice that leads to great self reflection. She remains supportive and present through your journey.

Ann Jackson Stoner

The best life lesson Dr Julie has given to me is the difference between real life drama and melodrama, how to tune into the one and tune out the other, which really comes in handy when raising 3 teens! When it comes to Shrink N Drink, even my teenage son and college age daughter love Shrink N Drink – the sunny side and serious side of life’s personal drama amidst friends, family, pizza and a rootbeer – CHEERS

Lori Glowinski

Shrink-and-Drink is always fun and entertaining — but filled with practical, real-life advice!

Marilyn Boeldt

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